Catholic funerals centre around prayers for the person who has died with a Church service or memorial mass.


A Catholic funeral mass typically follows a set format, and sometimes involve a Requiem Mass combining the Eucharistic Prayer and Holy Communion.


For help planning a Catholic Funeral, a member of the bereaved family or Executor should generally contact the appointed Funeral Director in the first instance who will make the arrangements and introduction to the local Catholic Priest if the Parish Priest is not already known to the family.  


By way of introduction and not a a recommendation, please see a list below of the local Crawley Funeral Directors that you may find helpful.

Funeral Directors

Ballard & Shortall Funeral Directors

10 Haslett Ave West


West Sussex

RH10 1HS

Tel: 01293 520 011


Jordan & Sullivan Funeral Directors

2 Peterhouse Parade
West Sussex
RH10 3BA

Tel: 01293 881517


The Martins Funeral Directors

38-40 Broadfield Place
West Sussex
RH11 9BA

Tel: 01293 552345

The Co-Operative Funeral Care

209 Three Bridges Rd
West Sussex
RH10 1LG

Tel: 01293 544 608

Email: Contact direct through website.